Online Casino Tournaments

Firstly Online casino tournaments can be a quick and fun way of achieving a big win without putting much of your bankroll at risk. For instance the most popular variety are Blackjack tournaments, however several casinos also offer tournaments for slots, casino hold’em, roulette and other table games, as well as video poker tournaments. Below we list current and upcoming casino tournaments in our live tournaments feed, watch this space for daily updates.

How do online casino tournaments work?.

It is very simple. You enter the tournament and are then given an amount of casino chips to start with. After that you have a limited amount of time to try to build the biggest chip stack by playing the tournament game. Furthermore casino tournaments require an entry fee, however there are also many free casino tournaments, known as “freerolls”. Watch this space for upcoming promo details regarding the latest freerolls and VIP tournaments.

In conclusion many online casinos hold blackjack, free slot or other tournaments which you can enter for a minimum deposit fee. All players are given a set amount of chips, after that the goal is to beat all the other players by wagering the most all their chips, or building your starting stack of chips up to the highest you can, within a set time frame. Tournaments are often good fun and a good way to learn the game. You can enjoy the thrill of gambling cheaply and there are usually large prizes should you wager the most and win. 

Tournament Prizes at Cyberspins

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $1,500.00 Casino Bonus
2nd Place $750.00 Casino Bonus
3rd Place $500.00 Casino Bonus
4th Place $250.00 Casino Bonus
5th Place $125.00 Casino Bonus
6th – 10th Place $75.00 Casino Bonus
11th – 20th Place $50.00 Casino Bonus

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Casino Tournaments Glossary


Before starting your journey through the world of online casino tournaments, below we have complied a glossary of the most common used works and there definition.

  • Pot: this represents the total of money that someone can win from a tournament. In other words as more players contribute (with the cost to enter the tournament, their losses contribute to this. They are making the payouts to growth when bets are wagered.
  • Prize pool: This represents how much money someone can win in a tournament. Usually the prize pool is a set amount shared by the top 5 players.
  • Buy-in: This represents the cost of entering a tournament.
  • Free Rolls: some tournaments are marked as free rolls; this means that you won’t need to pay in order to enter the tournament.
  • Rebuys: Tournaments often offer you the chance to “re-enter” the Tournament even if you have already lost everything, if this option is available for the selected tournament, you can pay a specified amount and continue playing at the tournament.
How to participate in tournament?

Unlike the bonuses and promotions that a casino offers, tournaments are always a more enticing event that is specifically designed for casino players. Therefore this means that, in order to enter a specific casino tournament you must sign up to the casino and make at least one deposit to count as a real money player before you can participate in the tournament. After that the next step is choosing the tournament that you would like to participate in.

Tournaments are one of the best ways to attract new players to the casino In addition to giving their recurrent players a incentive to keep playing at the casino.  Therefore for players a tournament is a great opportunity to win a lot of money while having the fun of a friendly competition against other (real or for fun) players and also having extremely favorable wagering requirements for their bets.

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